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Alcohol and teenagers

Published on 13/09/16

Public Health Bristol is launching a new campaign to encourage parents and carers to talk to their teenage children about alcohol and to help them recognise some of the risks they face if they drink. 

Do you sometimes wonder how to talk to your children about alcohol? Public Health Bristol has added a new section to the 4YP for Parents website to support you with this.  It gives you information and advice and provides activities that you can share with your children. 

In fact, most teenagers don’t drink alcohol and those who usually do, don’t drink it very often. But a new report shows that some teenagers in Bristol drink more than their peers in other parts of England. This can cause problems for their health both now and in the future.

As a parent or carer you are in the best position to help your child stay healthy and safe. Research has shown that it is important for parents to have conversations with their children about the enjoyable side and risky side of drinking alcohol and that this can help children to stay safe.

Ideally these conversations should begin before they start drinking, but it’s never too late, and you can still talk to them, even if they are drinking already.

Once you have visited the website and read all the information about alcohol and teenagers please click on the section called ‘Was this useful?’ to tell us what you think.

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