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Academic Staff

Mrs Louise ALLEN Maths
Mr Mike BANFIELD Cover Teacher
Ms Sarah BARKER Assistant Headteacher/English
Miss Sarah BARKER Science 
Mrs Tracey BOWES Subject Leader: Art, Design, Technology (ADT)
Mr David BUSBY Second in Maths
Mr Giles BUTCHER Subject Leader: Performing Arts
Miss Grace BYRON Languages
Mr Mark COMMANE Engineering/DT
Mrs Abbie COOPER Second in English
Mrs Emma Jane COURTNEY Second in Humanities 
Miss Rachael COX Maths
Mr Dorian COXON Deputy Headteacher: Inclusion
Mr Chris DANIEL Head of Ricart House/History
Mr Ray DOUGLAS Maths
Mr Phil EDMONDS Subject Leader: Languages and EAL
Mrs Lesley EVANS Deputy Headteacher
Miss Fiona FIELDS Subject Leader: Science Studies
Mr Rob FLITTER English 
Mr Mathew GRAFTON Participation for Performance and Wellbeing Lead/Science
Mrs Aimee GREEN Music/Lead Cover Supervisor
Miss Sophie  HAMPTON Maths
Miss Sarah HARDY Maths
Miss Viv HAYLES Science
Mrs Gemma HICKEY Humanities 
Mrs Julia HINCHLIFFE Headteacher
Mrs Alice HINKS Head of Dunmore House/Languages
(on Maternity Leave from 09/04/2018)
Mr Pete HURRAN Head of Ricart House/Geography/Humanities
Mrs Beverley JERVIS Maths Intervention Teacher 
Mr Phil KEELING-BURTON Transition and Engagement Lead/PE
Miss Jennifer MARSH Subject Leader: English Studies
Mrs Cassie MORRISON Science 
Dr Steve MURRAY Assistant Headteacher/Geography
Mrs Estella NELSON Head of Pethick House/English
Miss Kirsty  NEWCOMBE English 
Mr Fergus O'DONOVAN Head of Dunmore House
(Maternity Cover for A Hinks)/History/Humanities
Mrs Jenny ONSLOW Subject Leader: Humanities 
Mr Adam PAYNE Science
Mrs Lea PEMBERTON HEARD Subject Leader:  Sports and Health Studies
Ms Kirsty  PETTETT Second in Art, Design Technology (ADT)
Mrs Priscilla PHILLIPS Languages
Mr Dan PITT Assistant Headteacher/PE
Miss Emily  REDMAN English 
Miss Kate RICHARDS Assistant Headteacher/Science
Mrs Tonya RUSSELL Geography/Humanities
Ms Maddy SELMAN Second in Science
Mr Arun SHARMA English
Miss Victoria STINCHCOMBE Food & Cookery
Miss Charlotte STRICKLAND PE 
Miss Laura TAYLOR History/Humanities 
Miss Sophie  WILTSHIRE English
Miss Florence WOOD Second in Performing Arts
Mr Andrew WOODS Subject Leader: Maths